The Apple Cloud Platform

  • In the 90s, in spite of having a good product, Apple lost Mac vs. Windows PC war not necessarily because Windows was a better product, but because it was everywhere, and more convenient. Today, as functional and premium user experience as native software can be, the convenience, accessibility, collaboration, and sharing capabilities of the web are becoming more and more compelling. The second Great War for Apple might be Apple vs the web.
  • If Apple is to acknowledge the threats and plan for the next era, they could extrapolate their hardware/software/services integration to the cloud:
  1. Invest in own data centers and cloud infrastructure. These would only become differentiators for Apple’s products if they run custom server silicon, tightly integrated with server software.
  2. Build a next-generation runtime, a sort of cloud-based operating system, that would enable the development of both Apple’s own, and third party apps and services, that would work across devices.
  3. Bring the intelligence to the web, analyze web content, how Apple customers use those web-based, cloud OS apps and services, and feed it to the personal recommendation engine.
  • The business model should be in place to support such dramatic strategic move. Imagine if you could subscribe to your entire Apple experience for a monthly fee. For X dollars a month, you have access to your Apple ID with all Apple’s and third party apps and services, living in the cloud, accessible from any device and any form factor.

The second Great War

– Hi, I’m a native app! — And I’m a web app.

Moving Apple experience to the cloud allows you to access some Apple apps and services, through Apple UI, on the web. But there are no third party apps.

Apple subscription




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Maxim Samoylenko

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